Ballina RSL Menu & Updated Prices in Australia 2023

Ballina RSL, a popular dining destination in the picturesque coastal town of Ballina, offers a diverse and delectable menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. With a commitment to quality and affordability, Ballina RSL Menu Prices provide exceptional value for both locals and visitors alike. One remarkable aspect of the Ballina RSL menu is its remarkable diversity. Whether you’re craving traditional Australian pub dishes, fresh seafood, juicy steaks, or international flavors, there’s a delectable option to satisfy every taste preference.

Ballina RSL Menu Prices

From mouthwatering burgers to gourmet pasta dishes and vegetarian options, the menu caters to diverse tastes, making it a go-to choice for families, friends, and food enthusiasts. Ballina RSL takes pride in offering competitive Ballina RSL menu prices that won’t break the bank. With options ranging from affordable daily specials to indulgent dining experiences, there’s a dish for every budget. This affordability makes it a welcoming place for locals to enjoy a meal regularly and for tourists to sample the region’s culinary delights without straining their wallets.

Ballina RSL Menu Categories

SpecialsBuger Add Ons
Anytime Add Ons MenuGrill

Ballina RSL Menu Prices


Lunch Specials $15Seniors Only
Rice, Honey mustard chicken, and veges
veges and Corned Beef with mash
Ballina RSL Lunch Menu Specials $20Members only
Fish n Chips
‘Lil’ BB Burger
Chicken Schnitzel
Thursday Curry Night
Indian dishes with bread for Member$22
Indian dishes with bread for Non- Member$25
Sunday Roast Lunch
Australia’s finest meats for Members$26
Australia’s finest meats for Non- Members$29


Item to ShareM PriceG Price
Cheesy garlic bread (V, DFO)$10$12
Chip basket (V, DF, GF)$10$12
Pumpkin arancini (V, GF, DF)$14$16
Hummus share plate (GF, DF, V)$18$20
Sweet potato wedges (V, DF, GF)$17$19
Southern style chicken bites$13$15
Smoked Ballina king prawns (DF, GF)$34$36


Menu ItemsM PriceG Price
Thai-style salt and pepper squid salad (DF, GF)$24$26
Nourish bowl (GF, DF, Vegan)$24$26
French whiting salad$23$25
Ballina RSL Salad Menu

Anytime Add Ons Menu

Menu itemsPrice
Panko flathead$9
Coconut prawns$8
Crispy salt and pepper squid$8
Crumbed whiting$8
Chicken breast$3
Onion rings$9
Sweet potato wedges$8
Side Chips$5


Menu itemsM PriceG Price
The Lil BB (GFO)$18$20
The Godzilla (GFO, DF)$19$22
The godzilla (GFO, DF)$19$22
Buddha burger (Vegan, GFO)$21$23

Buger Add Ons

Menu itemsPrice
Onion rings$9
Sweet potato wedges$8
Side Chips$5
Beef Patty$4
Kaarage Chicken$5
Ballina RSL Buger Add Ons Menu


Menu itemsM PriceG Price
Fish n’ Chips (GFO)$27$29
Fisherman’s basket$29$32
Chicken schnitzel$22$24


Menu itemsM PriceG Price
Slow cooked lamb shank (GF)$36$38
Prawn laksa (GF, DF)$30$33
Mussels bowl (GFO, DF)$30$34
Charred salmon fillet (GF, DF)$38$40
Fettuccine bolognese (plant -based) (V, GFO)$26$28


Grill ItemM PriceG Price
300g 150 day grain fed Black Angus rump$36$38
250g 150 day grain fed Black Angus scotch fillet$52$55
300g 150 day grain fed Black Angus striploin$42$45
Surf and turf your steak for $15
Enjoy your steak with mash, steamed vegetables, a side of Caesar Salad for $5
Ballina RSL Grill Menu


Menu items
Extra Sauce for $2

Location of Ballina RSL

Video of Ballina RSL

Opening & Closing Time

Sunday9 AM11 PM
Monday9 AM11 PM
Tuesday9 AM11 PM
Wednesday9 AM11 PM
Thursday9 AM12 AM
Friday9 AM12 AM
Saturday9 AM12 AM

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +61266819500

About Ballina RSL

Ballina RSL, situated in the charming coastal town of Ballina, is a prominent and beloved establishment that has been a cornerstone of the local community for many years. This RSL (Returned and Services League) club not only honors the rich military history of the region but also serves as a vibrant hub for both locals and visitors. Beyond its historical significance, Ballina RSL boasts a range of amenities, including dining facilities, entertainment options, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With a strong commitment to community engagement and support, Ballina RSL stands as a symbol of camaraderie, entertainment, and hospitality in the heart of Ballina.

Best Selling item of Ballina RSL

he best-selling item at Ballina RSL is undoubtedly their renowned seafood platter. This delectable dish showcases the freshest catches from the nearby coastal waters, featuring an array of prawns, oysters, calamari, and a variety of local fish, all expertly prepared to perfection. Served with a medley of dipping sauces and accompanied by a side of crispy fries and fresh salad, the seafood platter embodies the essence of coastal dining. Its popularity lies not only in the mouthwatering flavors but also in the celebration of the region’s rich maritime heritage. This signature dish has become a must-try for both seafood aficionados and those seeking a taste of Ballina’s culinary excellence at Ballina RSL.

Alternative of Ballina RSL

For those seeking an alternative to Ballina RSL, the town offers a diverse range of dining and entertainment options to suit various preferences. One such alternative is the local waterfront restaurants, which provide a serene dining experience with picturesque views of the Richmond River and Ballina’s stunning coastline. Additionally, Ballina boasts charming cafes, bustling pubs, and international cuisine restaurants, allowing visitors and residents alike to explore a multitude of culinary choices. Whether you’re in the mood for gourmet dining, casual eats, or a lively pub atmosphere, Ballina offers an array of alternatives to cater to your taste and style while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of this coastal town. Some more alternatives are Youfoodz Menu and Hello Fresh Menu that you can try.

Career Opportunities at Ballina RSL

Career opportunities at Ballina RSL present a promising avenue for individuals looking to join a dynamic and community-focused organization. With a commitment to excellence and a wide range of services, Ballina RSL offers diverse roles across various departments, including hospitality, administration, event management, and customer service. Employees have the chance to work in a supportive and inclusive environment, with opportunities for growth, skill development, and career advancement. Whether you’re seeking a career in the hospitality industry or looking to contribute to a thriving community-oriented establishment, Ballina RSL provides a platform for individuals to embark on a fulfilling professional journey.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The Ballina RSL menu offers a diverse range of cuisines, including classic Australian pub fare, fresh seafood, succulent steaks, vegetarian options, and international dishes.

The menu is regularly updated to include seasonal specials and new dishes. Special promotions and themed nights also offer additional variety throughout the year.

The menu at Ballina RSL includes a wide range of prices to suit different budgets, from affordable daily specials to more indulgent dining experiences.

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