DEAL: Cold Rock – FREE Mix In

DEAL Cold Rock – FREE Mix In

For a limited time, enjoy the tantalizing offer of 1 Free Mix-In with your next purchase at Cold Rock stores. This delightful deal is available exclusively from June 19th to June 25th, 2023. Indulge in the ultimate ice cream experience by customizing your treat with a mix-in of your choice, absolutely free.

Please note that this offer is valid only at Cold Rock stores and does not include Cold Rock Express locations, online orders, or purchases made via delivery platforms. To take advantage of this fantastic offer, make sure to order through the Cold Rock App and present it in-store during your visit. Haven’t signed up for the Cold Rock App yet? Don’t miss out! Download the app today to get started on your ice cream adventure and unlock a world of delightful flavors and combinations.

Don’t let this delicious opportunity melt away. Visit your nearest Cold Rock store, select your favorite ice cream base, and enhance it with a free mix-in of your choice. With an array of mouthwatering options available, from chocolates and candies to fresh fruits and nuts, the possibilities are endless. Treat yourself to a personalized ice cream creation that is sure to satisfy your cravings. Hurry, this exclusive deal is only available for a limited time. Embrace the joy of Cold Rock and discover the blissful harmony of ice cream and mix-ins today!

About Cold Rock Deal

Get ready to rock your taste buds with the exciting Cold Rock Deal. As part of their latest promotion, Cold Rock is offering a fantastic offer for a limited time. Indulge in the ultimate ice cream experience with a tempting deal that allows you to get 1 Free Mix-In with your next purchase. Whether you prefer to add chocolates, candies, fruits, or nuts, this offer gives you the freedom to customize your ice cream creation to perfection. Simply order through the Cold Rock App, present it in-store, and enjoy the complimentary mix-in of your choice. Don’t miss out on this mouthwatering opportunity to elevate your ice cream game. Visit your nearest Cold Rock store today and savor the sweet delights of their delectable deal.

Best Selling item of Cold Rock

The best-selling item at Cold Rock is their signature “Create Your Own” ice cream masterpiece. This fan-favorite allows customers to unleash their creativity and design a personalized ice cream creation like no other. Starting with a choice of creamy ice cream flavors, customers then have the opportunity to add their preferred mix-ins from a wide selection of tempting options. From candies and chocolates to fresh fruits and crunchy nuts, the possibilities are endless. Each custom-made creation is expertly blended on the iconic Cold Rock marble slab, ensuring a delightful combination of flavors and textures. With the freedom to customize every aspect of their dessert, it’s no wonder that the “Create Your Own” option continues to be a hit among ice cream enthusiasts. Embrace your inner artist and indulge in the unforgettable experience of crafting your very own Cold Rock masterpiece.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Cold Rock offers online ordering through their website or mobile app. You can conveniently browse their menu, select your desired ice cream flavors and mix-ins, and have it ready for pick-up or delivered to your doorstep

Absolutely! Cold Rock offers gift cards that make for the perfect present for ice cream lovers. You can purchase gift cards in-store or online and treat your loved ones to a delightful Cold Rock experience.

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