DEAL: KFC – 3pc Original Recipe Box for $9

KFC Menu Deal

Take advantage of the exclusive offer and indulge in a KFC 3 piece Original Recipe Box for a special discounted price of just $9. To avail this deal, simply place an online order and opt for in-store pickup.

Please note that no substitutions are allowed for this particular KFC promotion. This offer is valid until May 2nd, 2023. Kindly be aware that this is a targeted offer available exclusively through the KFC app. It is limited to selected users in specific locations. If you’re eager to discover more fantastic money-saving opportunities, be sure to explore these KFC vouchers. You can also click here to access the complete KFC menu along with their respective prices.

About KFC Deal

introducing an exciting deal from KFC that’s too good to miss! Treat yourself to the irresistible KFC 3 piece Original Recipe Box at an incredible price of just $9. This limited-time offer allows you to savor the mouthwatering flavors of KFC’s signature Original Recipe chicken pieces, all conveniently packed in a single box. To take advantage of this amazing deal, simply place your order online and choose the in-store pickup option. It’s important to note that no substitutions are permitted with this particular KFC deal. Make sure to mark your calendars as this offer is valid until May 2nd, 2023. Please keep in mind that this offer is targeted, meaning it is exclusively available through the KFC app and is released to selected users in specific locations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy a delightful KFC meal at an unbeatable price. To explore more ways to save money, check out the KFC vouchers or visit the KFC website to view their full menu with prices.

Best Selling item of KFC

One of the most popular and best-selling items at KFC is their iconic Original Recipe Chicken. With its secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, this mouthwatering chicken is known for its crispy coating and juicy, flavorful meat. The Original Recipe Chicken has become a signature dish that has captured the hearts and taste buds of customers worldwide. Whether enjoyed as part of a meal, in a bucket, or as a standalone piece, the Original Recipe Chicken remains a beloved favorite. Its delicious taste and consistent quality have made it a go-to choice for KFC enthusiasts. When it comes to satisfying cravings for finger-licking good chicken, the Original Recipe Chicken is undeniably the star of the show at KFC.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The current KFC Menu Deal offers the tantalizing KFC 3 piece Original Recipe Box for the special price of only $9. It includes three delicious pieces of KFC’s famous Original Recipe chicken, all served in a convenient box.

To enjoy the KFC Menu Deal, you need to order online through the KFC website or mobile app, and then select the in-store pickup option. This way, you can conveniently collect your order at your preferred KFC location.

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