DEAL: McDonald’s – Loose Change Meal $5.95

Our pals over at Maccas have just introduced a deal aimed at easing the ongoing Cost Of Living challenges faced here in Australia. At this moment, step into your nearby McDonald’s branch and treat yourself to a Loose Change Meal for just $5.95.

This fantastic offer includes the following:

  • Small Hamburger Meal PLUS + Your choice of: Hamburger or 10-piece Chicken McBites. All for just $5.95.

Kindly note, this promotion is exclusively accessible between 10.30am and 4pm daily, and only via the My Maccas APP. Hurry, this offer expires on July 25, 2023. Seeking more avenues to save? Explore these McDonald’s vouchers for extra value. You can also click here to access the complete McDonald’s menu and other McDonald’s Deals.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s, an emblem of global fast-food culture, transcends mere sustenance to become a shared experience cherished by millions. Rooted in a vision that began with its humble origins, McDonald’s has evolved into a worldwide symbol of accessibility and familiarity. Its golden arches beckon travelers and locals alike, promising a taste of consistency in an ever-changing world. Beyond its iconic offerings, McDonald’s reflects a spectrum of tastes, cultures, and preferences. The fast-food giant’s menu, though globally recognized, embraces regional flavors, a testament to its adaptability and commitment to delivering comfort with each bite. In the realm of convenience, community, and culinary innovation, McDonald’s holds an enduring place, reminding us that amidst life’s complexities, the simple joy of a shared meal prevails.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The McDonald’s Loose Change Meal $5.95 Deal is a special promotion offering a budget-friendly meal option at selected McDonald’s locations in Australia.

The Loose Change Meal includes a Small Hamburger Meal along with your choice of either a Hamburger or 10-piece Chicken McBites.

The deal can only be accessed through the My Maccas APP, available for download on mobile devices.

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