DEAL: Red Rooster – Christmas In July 2023

Embrace our ultimate Christmas in July offers that have just landed! Don’t let the Christmas spirit (and our most delectable deals) slip away. You have just 4 days remaining to participate in the contest for a chance to WIN $10k!

Featured Deals:

  • Savory REDS Burger for $4 (with a minimum spend of $10)
  • Enjoy 2 pieces of fried chicken for free (with a minimum spend of $10)
  • Relish in the $ Rippa Roll (with a minimum spend of $10)
  • Delightful $5 Flayva wrap (with a minimum spend of $25)
  • Treat yourself with the $10 REDS Burger Box (with a minimum spend of $25)

In July, spend over $5 and scan your red royalty account for a chance to enter the draw. Furthermore, there are 10 Merch packs up for grabs (including Christmas sweaters), each valued at over $400! Terms and conditions apply. This exciting offer concludes on Monday, July 31, 2023.

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About Red Rooster

Red Rooster stands as a culinary icon, renowned for its flame-grilled chicken that has delighted taste buds for years. Originating from the sun-soaked shores of Australia, Red Rooster has etched its place in the hearts of food enthusiasts as a haven for delicious, wholesome offerings. With a commitment to quality and flavor, Red Rooster’s menu boasts a variety of delectable options beyond its signature chicken, catering to diverse palates. From succulent burgers to hearty wraps, each bite embodies the essence of fresh ingredients and mouthwatering taste. As a beacon of flavorful innovation, Red Rooster continues to redefine fast food by infusing its offerings with a distinct Australian touch, inviting patrons to experience the joy of satisfying meals that are both wholesome and delightful.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The Red Rooster Christmas In July 2023 Deal is a special promotion offering various discounted menu items and a chance to win prizes.

To enter the draw for a chance to win $10,000, you need to spend over $5 and scan your Red Rooster red royalty account during the month of July.

Yes, there are 10 Merch packs up for grabs, each including items like Christmas sweaters and valued at over $400. Terms and conditions apply.

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