DEAL: Roll’d – Free Delivery on Orders Over $50

Roll’d Menus Deal

Take advantage of this opportunity to indulge in delicious and nutritious Vietnamese-inspired cuisine from Roll’d, all while avoiding any additional delivery charges. Enjoy complimentary delivery on your order from Roll’d when you spend $50 or more!Don’t miss out on this enticing offer and place your order now! Please note that this exclusive deal is available exclusively through MenuLog, a renowned online food delivery platform.

Hurry, as this promotion ends at midnight on June 18, 2023. Keep in mind that a minimum spending requirement and service fee are applicable. Savor the flavors of Vietnam and experience the convenience of free delivery when you meet the minimum spending threshold. Order from Roll’d today through MenuLog and delight in a delectable Vietnamese feast delivered straight to your doorstep. Check Taco Bell Deals and more on here.

About Roll’d Deal

Roll’d, the renowned Vietnamese-inspired food destination, is offering an unbeatable deal that combines taste, health, and convenience. Now is your chance to savor the exquisite flavors of Roll’d cuisine without worrying about delivery fees. When you spend $50 or more, you’ll enjoy the added bonus of free delivery, ensuring that your food arrives directly at your doorstep hassle-free. This exclusive offer, available only through MenuLog, guarantees a delightful culinary experience from the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to relish the finest Vietnamese delicacies from Roll’d, while saving on delivery costs. Treat yourself today and embark on a delectable journey through the vibrant flavors of Roll’d, where quality, taste, and convenience come together in perfect harmony.

Best Selling item of Roll’d

One of the best-selling items at Roll’d is the iconic Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls. Bursting with fresh, vibrant ingredients, these delectable rolls are a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. Each roll is meticulously handcrafted, filled with a delightful combination of succulent prawns, tender chicken, or delectable tofu, accompanied by crisp lettuce, fragrant herbs, and the perfect balance of Vietnamese sauces. The Rice Paper Rolls not only offer a light and refreshing dining experience but also serve as a healthy option for those seeking a nutritious meal. With every bite, you’ll be transported to the bustling streets of Vietnam, where the culinary traditions of the country come alive. Experience the epitome of Vietnamese cuisine with Roll’d’s best-selling Rice Paper Rolls, a crowd favorite that promises to delight your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The Roll’d Menu Deal is a special promotion that offers a combination of Roll’d’s most popular items at an enticing price. It includes a selection of their signature Vietnamese dishes, carefully curated to provide a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

Yes, the Roll’d Menu Deal is available for both dine-in and delivery. You can enjoy the convenience of having the Menu Deal delivered to your doorstep or savor it in the comfort of Roll’d’s inviting dining space.

The availability of the Roll’d Menu Deal may vary, as it is offered for a limited time. It’s recommended to check Roll’d’s website or contact your nearest Roll’d location to inquire about the current availability and duration of the Menu Deal promotion.

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