El Jannah Menu and Updated Prices in Australia 2023

Welcome to the tantalizing world of El Jannah, where exquisite flavors and irresistible aromas await. As you peruse the extensive El Jannah menu, with Updated Prices brimming with delectable offerings inspired by Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other. From their renowned charcoal chicken to an array of mouth-watering accompaniments, every dish is crafted to perfection.

El Jannah Menu Prices
RestaurantEl Jannah
Timing11 am to 10 Pm
Location44/48 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia
Contact Number+61 1800 491 838
Food Categories13

Whether you choose to dine in at one of their inviting locations or opt for the convenience of takeout, El Jannah’s menu prices reflect their commitment to providing exceptional value. Experience the magic that unfolds as your taste buds dance with delight, savoring the exquisite flavors that have made El Jannah a cherished culinary destination. Embrace the enticing allure of El Jannah’s menu prices and allow yourself to be captivated by the symphony of tastes that awaits. From the moment you step through their doors or place an order, you are greeted with warmth and hospitality. Discover why El Jannah has garnered a loyal following of food enthusiasts who recognize the artistry behind each dish.

Elevate your dining experience and let El Jannah’s menu prices guide you to a world of culinary wonders. Indulge in their masterfully prepared dishes, where quality ingredients and meticulous attention to detail converge. Whether you are a seasoned patron or a first-time visitor, prepare to be dazzled by the extraordinary flavors and the remarkable value that El Jannah’s menu have to offer.

El Jannah Menu Prices Categories

Charcoal ChickenHot Chips
Fried ChickenSides
Salad Sizes

El Jannah Menu Prices

Charcoal Chicken

Menu itemsPrices
Quarter Chicken Plate$11.50
Quarter Chicken Meal$11.90
Half Chicken Plate$15.90
Half Chicken Meal$16.50
Whole Chicken Plate$29.90
Whole Chicken Meal$37.50
Mixed Chicken Meal$49.90
Family Meal$59.90
Whole Chicken$18.90
Half Chicken$10.50
Quarter Chicken$6.50

Fried Chicken

Menu itemsPrices
Mixed Pieces x3$9.90
Mixed Pieces x5$15.50
Mixed Pieces x10$29.90
Tenders x3$9.40
Tenders x5$13.70
Tenders x10$24.50
Wings x4$8.50
Wings x8$14.50
Wings x12$19.90
Regular EJ Bites$5.50
Large EJ Bites$18.50
El Jannah Fried Chicken Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Crispy Box$20.90
Charcoal Box$20.90
Fried Variety Box$20.90


Menu itemsPrices
Crispy Chicken Burger$9.90
EJ Chicken Burger$9.90
Crispy Chicken Burger Meal$16.90
EJ Chicken Burger Meal$16.90


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Roll$12.90
Hot Chip Roll$9.90
Tawouk Roll$12.90
Shawarma Roll$12.90
Chicken Roll Meal$18.90
Hot Chip Roll Meal$16.50
Tawouk Roll Meal$18.90
Shawarma Roll Meal$18.90
El Jannah Rolls Menu Prices in Australia


Menu itemsPrices
Tawouk Platter$22.90
Shawarma Meal$27.50

Salad Sizes

Menu itemsSmallMediumLarge

Hot Chips

Menu itemsSmallMediumLarge
El Jannah Hot Chips Menu prices


Menu itemsSmallMediumLarge
Garlic Sauce$1.50$3.90$5.90
EJ Chilli Sauce$1.50$3.90$5.90


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Salad$15.50
Fattoush Salad$11.90
Garden Salad$10.90


Menu itemPrice
Bag Of Bread$2.50


Menu itemPrice
Kids Meal$11.50
El Jannah kids Menu Prices Australia


Menu itemsPrices
Can of Soft Drink$3.50
600ml Bottle of Soft Drink$4.50
600ml Bottle of Water$3.50
600ml Bottle of Sparkling Water$3.90
Lipton Iced Tea Peach$4.50
Apple Juice$3.90
Orange Juice$3.90
Pop Top Apple Juice$3.40
Pop Top Water$3.40

El Jannah Location in Australia

Video of El Jannah

Opening & Closing time of El Jannah

Wednesday11 am10 Pm
Thursday11 am10 Pm
Friday11 am10 Pm
Saturday11 am10 Pm
Sunday11 am10 Pm
Monday11 am10 Pm
Tuesday11 am10 Pm

Service options in El Jannah

  • Outdoor seating
  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • No-contact delivery
  • Takeout


  • Halal food
  • Late-night food
  • Vegetarian options
  • Kids’ menu
  • Small plates


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom

Dining options

  • Brunch
  • Dinner
  • Seating
  • Lunch
  • Catering


  • Good for kids
  • Restroom
  • High chairs


  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • NFC mobile payments

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +61 1800 491 838

Alternative of El Jannah in Australia

In Australia, for those seeking an alternative to El Jannah, there are several enticing options to explore. One such alternative is Nando’s, a popular chain known for its flame-grilled peri-peri chicken. With a range of spice levels and delectable sauces, Nando’s offers a unique twist on grilled chicken that is sure to satisfy cravings. Another alternative worth considering is Oporto and Lite N Easy, famous for its Portuguese-style flame-grilled chicken burgers and mouth-watering sauces. With a focus on bold flavors and quality ingredients, Oporto delivers a delightful experience for chicken enthusiasts. Additionally, Chicken Treat is a beloved Australian chain offering a diverse menu of chicken options, including crispy fried chicken and flame-grilled alternatives.

With their range of meal deals and generous portions, Chicken Treat presents a compelling alternative for those seeking a satisfying chicken feast. Whichever alternative you choose, Australia’s culinary landscape offers an array of delicious options to cater to diverse palates and preferences.

Career Opportunities in El Jannah

El Jannah presents exciting career opportunities for individuals looking to embark on a rewarding journey in the culinary industry. As a prominent and well-established brand, El Jannah offers a range of positions across various departments, including kitchen staff, customer service, management, and more. Joining the El Jannah team means becoming part of a dynamic and passionate workforce dedicated to delivering exceptional food and service. With a focus on continuous growth and development, El Jannah provides training and support to nurture employees’ skills and unlock their full potential. Whether you are starting your career or seeking advancement opportunities, El Jannah offers a platform for professional growth, allowing you to refine your culinary expertise, customer service skills, and managerial abilities.

With their commitment to excellence and a vibrant work environment, El Jannah is a place where dedicated individuals can thrive and forge a successful career. Explore the diverse career opportunities available at El Jannah and be part of a team that shares a common passion for delivering outstanding dining experiences.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

El Jannah’s menu is renowned for its flavorful charcoal chicken and Middle Eastern-inspired dishes.

The charcoal chicken can be enjoyed with delicious toppings such as garlic sauce, EJ chili sauce, lettuce, pickles, tomato, tahini, and falafel.

El Jannah offers popular sauces like garlic sauce and EJ chili sauce, adding unique flavors to their dishes.

Yes, El Jannah has vegetarian options, including falafel, which can be enjoyed as part of their menu.

Yes, El Jannah often offers delivery services for their menu items. Contact your local store for more details.

The portion size of the charcoal chicken may vary depending on the menu item and serving option chosen.

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