Guzman Y Gomez Calories & Nutritions Australia

Guzman Y Gomez Calories

Guzman y Gomez is a popular fast-food chain known for its delicious Mexican cuisine. When it comes to calorie content, the menu at Guzman y Gomez offers a range of options to cater to different dietary preferences. The number of Guzman y Gomez calories in their dishes can vary depending on the ingredients and serving sizes. Generally, the calorie count in Guzman y Gomez meals can range from around 300 to 900 calories per item. It’s important to note that some menu items, like burritos or loaded nachos, tend to have higher calorie counts due to their generous portion sizes and added toppings. You can Check McDonald’s Calories Details for Low Calorie in Burritos and Loaded Nachos. However, Guzman y Gomez also offers lighter options, such as salads or burrito bowls, which can provide a more calorie-conscious choice. As with any fast-food establishment, it’s always a good idea to check the nutritional information or consult the staff if you have specific dietary concerns or calorie requirements. Check the Below tables for more details about Guzman Y Gomez Calories.

Big Breakfast Burrito

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Big Breakfast Burrito – Mild Bacon41409894556.818.97252430
Big Breakfast Burrito – Mild Free Range Chicken Chorizo399095436.657.219.571.24.22060
Big Breakfast Burrito – Mild Sauteed Vegetables399093231.155.31874.85.91740
Big Breakfast Burrito – Spicy Bacon4210101045.357.519.274.25.62590
Big Breakfast Burrito – Spicy Free Range Chicken Chorizo406097036.957.919.873.34.82220
Big Breakfast Burrito – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables397094931.45618.3776.51900


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Bowl – Mild Grilled Chicken278066342.7239.2713.21660
Bowl – Mild Ground Beef2970710333114.174.34.31710
Bowl – Mild Pulled Pork312074642.93212.571.53.71700
Bowl – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole287068621.331.310.478.46.81580
Bowl – Mild Shredded Mushroom306073026.333.82277.35.72110
Bowl – Mild Slow Cooked Beef288068844.824.810.2713.21690
Bowl – Spicy Grilled Chicken28506804323.79.573.13.81820
Bowl – Spicy Ground Beef304072633.331.714.476.44.91870
Bowl – Spicy Pulled Pork319076243.232.712.873.64.31860
Bowl – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole294070321.63210.880.67.41750
Bowl – Spicy Shredded Mushroom313074726.634.522.379.46.32270
Bowl – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef295070445.125.510.573.13.81860

Breakfast Burrito

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Breakfast Burrito – Breakfast Burrito00
Breakfast Burrito – Breakfast Burrito – Mild Bacon249059628.233.71243.43.11440
Breakfast Burrito – Breakfast Burrito – Mild Free Range Chicken Chorizo240057423.23412.342.92.61210
Breakfast Burrito – Breakfast Burrito – Mild Sauteed Vegetables246058720.235.51245.23.71060
Breakfast Burrito – Breakfast Burrito – Spicy Bacon252060128.433.912.144.23.31490
Breakfast Burrito – Breakfast Burrito – Spicy Free Range Chicken Chorizo243058023.334.212.543.72.81270
Breakfast Burrito – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables248059220.335.712.145.93.91110

Breakfast Quesadilla

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Breakfast Quesadilla – Mild Bacon219052333.429.715.929.93.11480
Breakfast Quesadilla – Mild Tomato162038618.121.413.529.83689
Breakfast Quesadilla – Mild Chorizo20404872530.216.429.12.31110
Breakfast Quesadilla – Mild Ham177042226.22213.729.42.41020
Breakfast Quesadilla – Mild Sauteed Vegetables195046519.528.314.932.43.7785
Breakfast Quesadilla – Spicy Bacon226054033.730.416.232.13.71640
Breakfast Quesadilla – Spicy Tomato169040318.422.113.831.93.6855
Breakfast Quesadilla – Spicy Chorizo211050425.430.916.731.22.91270
Breakfast Quesadilla – Spicy Ham184043826.622.71431.531190
Breakfast Quesadilla – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables202048119.82915.334.64.3951

Breakfast Quesadilla Plus

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Breakfast Quesadilla Plus – Mild Bacon253060434.637.51831.34.41670
Breakfast Quesadilla Plus – Mild Chorizo238056826.237.918.630.43.61300
Breakfast Quesadilla Plus – Mild Ham215051429.629.915.930.93.81300
Breakfast Quesadilla Plus – Mild Sauteed Vegetables228054620.73617.133.85983
Breakfast Quesadilla Plus – Spicy Bacon260062134.938.218.433.451840
Breakfast Quesadilla Plus – Spicy Chorizo245058526.538.618.932.64.21470
Breakfast Quesadilla Plus – Spicy Ham222053029.930.616.3334.41470


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Burrito – Mild Grilled Chicken325077747.22612.787.95.41910
Burrito – Mild Ground Beef345082437.53417.691.26.51960
Burrito – Mild Pulled Pork360086047.4351688.45.91950
Burrito – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole335080025.834.313.995.38.91840
Burrito – Mild Shredded Mushroom334079725.734.313.995.38.91840
Burrito – Mild Slow Cooked Beef336080249.327.813.787.95.41950
Burrito – Spicy Grilled Chicken332079447.626.7139062080
Burrito – Spicy Ground Beef352084037.934.717.993.37.12130
Burrito – Spicy Pulled Pork367087647.835.716.390.56.52120
Burrito – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole342081726.13514.397.59.52010
Burrito – Spicy Shredded Mushroom360086131.237.525.896.38.52530
Burrito – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef343081849.728.5149062110

Cali Burrito

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Cali Burrito – Mild Grilled Chicken407097146.452.818.674.77.11720
Cali Burrito – Mild Ground Beef4260102036.760.823.5788.21770
Cali Burrito – Mild Pulled Pork4410105046.661.821.975.27.61760
Cali Burrito – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole362086623.747.91781.19.61450
Cali Burrito – Mild Shredded Mushroom435010403063.631.4819.62170
Cali Burrito – Mild Slow Cooked Beef417099648.554.619.674.77.11750
Cali Burrito – Spicy Grilled Chicken415099246.853.51977.482090
Cali Burrito – Spicy Ground Beef4350104037.161.623.980.79.12140
Cali Burrito – Spicy Pulled Pork450010704762.622.377.98.52130
Cali Burrito – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole371088624.148.717.483.910.51830
Cali Burrito – Spicy Shredded Mushroom4430106030.464.431.883.710.52540
Cali Burrito – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef4250102048.955.42077.482120


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Churros – With Dulce De Leche15303666.7172.842.720.3254
Churros – Toast With Dulce De Leche183043712.21911.149.920.6579
Churros – With Chocolate Sauce16704005.821.33.445.417.5216
Churros – Toast With Chocolate Sauce197047111.323.311.652.617.8541

Corn Chips

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Corn Chips – Corn Chips2170519728.42.556.51.4280
Corn Chips – With Large Guac431010301282.
Corn Chips – With Large Mild Queso334079722.64815.766.64.31250
Corn Chips – With Large Pico De Gallo23705659.828.72.562.67.1974
Corn Chips – With Large Queso339080924.851.117.861.22.51220
Corn Chips – With Large Spicy Queso337080523.348.316.167.31.61270
Corn Chips – With Large Tomatillo Salsa25005988.830.22.768.18.81720
Corn Chips – With Medium Guac31607569.353.37.957.42.3636
Corn Chips – With Medium Mild Queso281067115.539.19.7623812
Corn Chips – With Medium Pico De Gallo22505378.128.52.558.93.6552
Corn Chips – With Medium Queso271064814.938.59.358.61.9696
Corn Chips – With Medium Spicy Queso283067515.939.29.962.41.5818
Corn Chips – With Medium Tomatillo Salsa23405597.929.32.662.35.11000


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Desserts – Soft Serve Cone9568716433.62.629.30.6
Desserts – Churro Sundae With Chocolate Sauce18313103135.511.
Desserts – Churro Sundae With Dulce De Leche183126030169.95450.5
Desserts – Large Sundae With Chocolate Sauce16510402474.47.94.8390
Desserts – Large Sundae With1659862354.96.34.738.20
Desserts – Small Sundae With1086521562.
Desserts – Small Sundae With1086271503.14324.40
Desserts – Churros With Chocolate Sauce10816704005.821.33.445.41.9
Desserts – Churros With Dulce De Leche10615303666.7172.842.71.9
Desserts – Chocolate Sauce Portion385781381.46.72180
Desserts – Dulce De Leche Portion364361042.32.41.415.30


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Enchilada – Mild Grilled Chicken4680112056.250.221.610810.72910
Enchilada – Mild Ground Beef4880117046.558.226.511111.82960
Enchilada – Mild Pulled Pork5030120056.459.224.910911.22950
Enchilada – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole4770114034.758.522.811513.72840
Enchilada – Mild Shredded Mushroom4960119039.86134.411413.23360
Enchilada – Mild Slow Cooked Beef4780114058.35222.610810.72940
Enchilada – Spicy Grilled Chicken4820115056.951.622.211211.93240
Enchilada – Spicy Ground Beef5020120047.259.627.1116133290
Enchilada – Spicy Pulled Pork5170123057.160.625.511312.43280
Enchilada – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole4910117035.459.923.511914.93170
Enchilada – Spicy Shredded Mushroom5100122040.562.43511914.43690
Enchilada – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef492011805953.423.211211.93270


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Extras – Mild Pulled Pork98423525.514.550.80.8311
Extras – Mild Sauteed Vegetables210502.
Extras – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole7351763.913.837.83.8198
Extras – Mild Shredded Mushroom9202208.916.314.56.62.8723
Extras – Mild Slow Cooked Beef74117727.
Extras – Spicy Grilled Chicken70916925.
Extras – Spicy Ground Beef90321615.914.26.95.72487
Extras – Spicy Pulled Pork105025225.815.25.331.4477
Extras – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables2806731.40.49.54175
Extras – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole8051924.
Extras – Spicy Shredded Mushroom9902369.
Extras – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef81119427.
Extras – Cos Lettuce2560.4<
Extras – Guacamole5261261.
Extras – Queso – Plain405975.
Extras – Queso – Mild4191006.
Extras – Queso – Spicy4221016.


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Fries – Chipotle Seasoning – Large22505387.927.72.3611.1711
Fries – Chipotle Seasoning – Medium15003585.318.51.640.70.7474
Fries – Chipotle Seasoning – Family Fries5000119017.661.65.21362.41580
Fries – Salted – Large22505387.927.72.3611.1922
Fries – Salted – Medium15003585.318.51.640.70.7614
Fries – Salted – Family Fries5000119017.661.65.21362.42050
Fries – Jalapeno Ketchup161380.5less than 0.less than
Fries – Chipotle Mayo6871640.417.
Fries – Mex Chimi Mayo12002860.631.

Hard Taco

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Hard Taco – Mild Grilled Chicken80619314.
Hard Taco – Mild Ground Beef88421110.6125.214.12.1344
Hard Taco – Mild Pulled Pork94422614.612.44.5131.9340
Hard Taco – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole10102416.316.34.615.93.2354
Hard Taco – Mild Shredded Mushroom9192197.913.18.315.32.7505
Hard Taco – Mild Slow Cooked Beef84720215.39.53.612.81.7337
Hard Taco – Spicy Grilled Chicken83920014.69.13.413.81.9401
Hard Taco – Spicy Ground Beef91721910.812.35.315.12.4421
Hard Taco – Spicy Pulled Pork97723314.712.74.7142.1417
Hard Taco – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole10402496.416.64.816.93.5431
Hard Taco – Spicy Shredded Mushroom9512278.113.58.516.32.9582
Hard Taco – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef88021015.59.93.813.81.9415

Little Gs Burrito

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Little Gs Burrito – Mild Grilled Chicken174041624.415.4844.12758
Little Gs Burrito – Mild Ground Beef184043919.519.410.445.72.6782
Little Gs Burrito – Mild Pulled Pork191045724.519.99.644.32.3777
Little Gs Burrito – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole178042613.619.68.647.53.5721
Little Gs Burrito – Mild Shredded Mushroom188044916.220.814.447.23.3983
Little Gs Burrito – Mild Slow Cooked Beef179042825.416.38.544.12774
Little Gs Burrito – Spicy Grilled Chicken177042324.515.
Little Gs Burrito – Spicy Ground Beef187044719.719.810.646.72.8860
Little Gs Burrito – Spicy Pulled Pork194046524.620.39.845.32.5855
Little Gs Burrito – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole181043313.819.98.848.53.8798
Little Gs Burrito – Spicy Shredded Mushroom191045716.321.214.548.23.51060
Little Gs Burrito – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef182043625.616.78.645.12.3852

Little Gs Nachos

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Little Gs Nachos – Cheese14103378.520.65.628.50.9288
Little Gs Nachos – Mild Grilled Chicken173041321.223.36.428.61424
Little Gs Nachos – Mild Ground Beef183043716.327.38.930.31.6449
Little Gs Nachos – Mild Pulled Pork190045521.327.
Little Gs Nachos – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole177042310.427.5732.12.5387
Little Gs Nachos – Mild Shredded Mushroom18794471328.712.831.72.3649
Little Gs Nachos – Mild Slow Cooked Beef178042622.224.26.928.61441
Little Gs Nachos – Spicy Grilled Chicken176042121.323.66.629.61.3501
Little Gs Nachos – Spicy Ground Beef186044416.527.6931.31.9526
Little Gs Nachos – Spicy Pulled Pork194046221.428.
Little Gs Nachos – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole180043110.627.
Little Gs Nachos – Spicy Shredded Mushroom190045513.1291332.82.6727
Little Gs Nachos – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef181043322.424.

Mini Burrito

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Mini Burrito – Mild Grilled Chicken190045426.
Mini Burrito – Mild Ground Beef200047721.319.910.552.73.71100
Mini Burrito – Mild Pulled Pork207049526.220.49.851.33.41090
Mini Burrito – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole195046615.420.18.754.84.91040
Mini Burrito – Mild Shredded Mushroom204048817.921.314.554.24.41300
Mini Burrito – Mild Slow Cooked Beef195046627.216.88.651.13.21090
Mini Burrito – Spicy Grilled Chicken195046526.316.48.352.53.61180
Mini Burrito – Spicy Ground Beef205048921.520.410.854.14.11210
Mini Burrito – Spicy Pulled Pork212050726.420.91052.73.81200
Mini Burrito – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole200047715.620.68.956.25.31150
Mini Burrito – Spicy Shredded Mushroom209049918.121.814.755.64.81410
Mini Burrito – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef200047827.417.38.852.53.61200

Nacho Fries

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Nacho Fries – Mild Grilled Chicken4270102049.66521.956.25.31610
Nacho Fries – Mild Ground Beef4460107039.97326.859.56.41660
Nacho Fries – Mild Pulled Pork4610110049.87425.256.75.81650
Nacho Fries – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole382091426.860.120.362.77.91350
Nacho Fries – Mild Shredded Mushroom4550109033.275.834.762.57.82060
Nacho Fries – Mild Slow Cooked Beef4370104051.766.822.956.25.31640
Nacho Fries – Spicy Grilled Chicken435010405065.722.3596.21980
Nacho Fries – Spicy Ground Beef4550109040.373.727.262.37.32030
Nacho Fries – Spicy Pulled Pork4700112050.274.725.659.56.72020
Nacho Fries – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole391093427.260.820.765.48.81720
Nacho Fries – Spicy Shredded Mushroom4630111033.676.535.165.38.72430
Nacho Fries – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef4450106052.167.523.3596.22010


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Nachos – Mild Grilled Chicken4630111052.
Nachos – Mild Ground Beef4830115042.475.
Nachos – Mild Pulled Pork4980119052.376.223.572.45.51860
Nachos – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole4200100029.462.318.678.98.11550
Nachos – Mild Shredded Mushroom4910117035.7783378.27.52270
Nachos – Mild Slow Cooked Beef4740113054.26921.271.951850
Nachos – Spicy Grilled Chicken4700112052.467.920.5745.61980
Nachos – Spicy Ground Beef4900117042.775.925.477.36.72030
Nachos – Spicy Pulled Pork5050121052.676.923.874.56.12020
Nachos – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole4270102029.863.118.9818.71720
Nachos – Spicy Shredded Mushroom498011903678.733.380.38.12430
Nachos – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef4810115054.569.721.5745.62020


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Quesadilla – Mild Cheese158037817.621.413.528.82.1686
Quesadilla – Spicy Cheese165039517.922.113.8312.7852
Quesadilla – Mild Grilled Chicken190045530.224.114.3292.2822
Quesadilla – Mild Ground Beef200047825.428.116.730.62.8847
Quesadilla – Mild Pulled Pork208049630.328.61629.22.5842
Quesadilla – Mild Sauteed Vegetables195046519.528.314.932.43.7785
Quesadilla – Mild Shredded Mushroom20404882229.520.732.13.51050
Quesadilla – Mild Slow Cooked Beef195046731.32514.8292.2839
Quesadilla – Spicy Grilled Chicken197047130.624.814.631.12.8988
Quesadilla – Spicy Ground Beef207049525.728.817.132.83.41010
Quesadilla – Spicy Pulled Pork215051330.729.316.331.43.11010
Quesadilla – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables202048119.82915.334.64.3951
Quesadilla – Spicy Shredded Mushroom211050522.430.22134.34.11210
Quesadilla – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef202048431.625.715.131.12.81000

Quesadilla Plus

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Quesadilla Plus – Mild Grilled Chicken224053631.431.916.530.33.51020
Quesadilla Plus – Mild Ground Beef234055926.635.918.9324.11040
Quesadilla Plus – Mild Pulled Pork242057731.536.418.130.63.81040
Quesadilla Plus – Mild Sauteed Vegetables228054620.73617.133.85983
Quesadilla Plus – Mild Shredded Mushroom238056923.237.322.933.54.81250
Quesadilla Plus – Mild Slow Cooked Beef229054832.532.81730.33.51040
Quesadilla Plus – Spicy Grilled Chicken231055231.732.616.832.54.11190
Quesadilla Plus – Spicy Ground Beef241057626.936.619.334.14.71210
Quesadilla Plus – Spicy Pulled Pork248059431.837.118.532.74.41200
Quesadilla Plus – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables23505622136.717.4365.61150
Quesadilla Plus – Spicy Shredded Mushroom245058623.53823.235.65.41410
Quesadilla Plus – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef236056532.833.517.332.54.11200

Queso Fries

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Queso Fries – Mild – Large308073620.142.912.564.82.41410
Queso Fries – Spicy – Large309073820.242.912.5652.71410

Shredded Mushroom Taco

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Shredded Mushroom Taco – Mild Shredded Mushroom8832116.312.47.3172.8582
Shredded Mushroom Taco – Spicy Shredded Mushroom9162196.512.77.4183659


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Sides – Brown Rice13403216.65.8158.80.8662
Sides – Churros With Dulce De Leche15303666.7172.842.720.3254
Sides – Dulce De Leche4361042.32.41.415.31578
Sides – Large Guacamole2140511553.711.622769
Sides – Medium Guacamole9912372.324.
Sides – Small Guacamole6911651.617.
Sides – Large Pico De Gallo193462.80.306.15.7694
Sides – Medium Pico De Gallo75181.
Sides – Sour Cream6991672.41610.83.53.533
Sides – Large Tomatillo Salsa378902.
Sides – Medium Tomatillo Salsa18043110.16.34.0785
Sides – Vegetarian Black Beans6451547.61.80.530.40.0683
Sides – White Rice131031373.50.562.60.2641
Sides – Queso – Plain – Small385925.
Sides – Queso – Mild – Small407975.
Sides – Queso – Spicy – Small4191005.774.73.8less than 0.345
Sides – Queso – Plain – Medium5401297.910.
Sides – Queso – Mild – Medium6341518.510.
Sides – Queso – Spicy – Medium6521568.910.
Sides – Queso – Plain – Large122029017.822.715.34.71.1936
Sides – Queso – Mild – Large1160277Soft Flour Taco15.619.613.210.12.9975
Sides – Queso – Spicy – Large120028616.319.913.610.80.2988

Soft Flour Taco

Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Soft Flour Taco – Mild Grilled Chicken81319415.
Soft Flour Taco – Mild Ground Beef89121311.511.
Soft Flour Taco – Mild Pulled Pork95122715.411.65.414.72471
Soft Flour Taco – Mild Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole10202437.215.55.517.63.4485
Soft Flour Taco – Mild Shredded Mushroom9262218.812.49.2172.8635
Soft Flour Taco – Mild Slow Cooked Beef85420416.28.84.514.51.8468
Soft Flour Taco – Spicy Grilled Chicken84620215.58.44.315.52.1532
Soft Flour Taco – Spicy Ground Beef92322111.611.
Soft Flour Taco – Spicy Pulled Pork98423515.6125.615.72.3548
Soft Flour Taco – Spicy Sauteed Vegetables With Guacamole10502517.315.95.718.63.6562
Soft Flour Taco – Spicy Shredded Mushroom9582298.912.79.4183.1713
Soft Flour Taco – Spicy Slow Cooked Beef88721216.39.14.715.52.1546


Menu ItemEnergy (kJ)Energy (Cal)Protein (g)Fat- Total (g)Fat – Sat. (g)Carbs (g)Sugars (g)Sodium (mg)
Toast – With Avo – Mild6331513.68.11.815.41.1256
Toast – With Guacamole – Mild5921413.56.91.515.51.2259
Toast – With Avo – Spicy6391533.68.11.815.61.3256
Toast – With Guacamole – Spicy5981433.66.91.515.71.4259

Best selling item of Guzman Y Gomez

One of the best-selling items at Guzman y Gomez is their mouthwatering burritos. Bursting with flavor, these oversized wraps are filled with a delicious combination of ingredients that make them irresistible to customers. Guzman y Gomez offers a variety of burrito options, including classic flavors like chicken, beef, and vegetarian, as well as unique variations such as pulled pork or grilled fish. Each burrito is carefully crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients and wrapped in a warm tortilla. The combination of savory meats or plant-based proteins, flavorful rice, beans, cheese, and a choice of salsas creates a delightful explosion of taste.

Accompanied by their famous guacamole and sour cream, these burritos have become a fan favorite, satisfying appetites and leaving customers coming back for more. Whether enjoyed as a quick meal on the go or as a satisfying sit-down dining experience, the popularity of Guzman y Gomez’s burritos continues to make them a top choice among customers.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Guzman y Gomez offers a variety of menu options to cater to different dietary preferences, including those looking for calorie-conscious choices. While some items may be higher in calories, such as burritos or loaded nachos, they also provide lighter options like salads or burrito bowls.

Yes, Guzman y Gomez provides detailed nutritional information for their menu items. You can find this information on their official website or by using their mobile app

Absolutely! Guzman y Gomez offers several low-calorie options on their menu. For a lighter choice, you can opt for their salads or burrito bowls, which typically have fewer calories compared to their burritos or nachos.

Yes, Guzman y Gomez understands the importance of catering to different dietary needs, including vegetarian and vegan choices.

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