KFC Secret Menu

KFC Secret Menu

Introducing the August 2023 edition of KFC’s exclusive Secret Menu that’s creating a buzz among food enthusiasts across Australia. This online sensation has become a hot topic for Aussie chicken lovers who crave their beloved KFC delights. If you’re wondering how to access the KFC Secret Menu, you’re in the right place. This post will provide you with a comprehensive guide.

KFC App Secret Menu

To unveil this tantalizing hidden menu, follow these steps:

  • Start by downloading the KFC App, available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Simply visit the respective app stores, download the app, and install it. Rest assured, both versions of the app are free to download and install.
  • After successfully installing the app on your device, proceed as follows:
  • Navigate to the MENU icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pull down from the top of the screen and hold it for 8 seconds.
  • Witness a red banner displaying the words “What Secret Menu?!” – click the “Unlock” button.
  • A sizable red window will emerge, showcasing a countdown timer: 3… 2… 1…
  • In just 3 seconds, behold the grand reveal of the KFC Secret Menu in all its glory!

For a visual demonstration of these steps, refer to the accompanying screenshots below.

Explore this exclusive offering and treat yourself to KFC’s hidden culinary treasures that are now just a few taps away through the KFC App. Experience the secret flavors that KFC has masterfully crafted for the ultimate dining experience.

KFC Secret Menu1
KFC Secret Menu2

Select the “Secret Menu” choice to explore the delectable array of chicken innovations currently accessible.

Secret Menu landing Page

Upon reaching the Secret Menu landing page, you’ll encounter the current lineup of offerings:

KFC Secret Menu3

The contents of this menu shift on a monthly basis, underscoring the importance of logging in regularly to discover the freshest and most enticing offerings.

Presenting the present compilation of choices available on the KFC Secret Menu:

  • Fiery Double priced at $10.95
  • Fiery Double Combo priced at $14.95
  • Zinger Stacker Twister priced at $8.95
  • Zinger Crunch Sliders priced at $7.95

According to their description:

“Unearth unreleased indulgences that have remained hidden – until now. This menu is consistently updated, so make sure to revisit for the latest revelations!”

Here are the most recent visuals of the aforementioned items featured on the present KFC Secret Menu:

Fiery Double

Prepare for an intense flavor experience, as this hidden gem turns up the heat to an astonishing level. To be precise, our new sauce features a fiery combination of 11 chilies. This enticing blend is nestled between two Zinger fillets, complete with cheese, bacon, and a supercharged sauce. Availability may vary, and the excitement won’t last indefinitely.

KFC Secret Menu4

Fiery Double Combo

Identical to the previously mentioned option, accompanied by Regular Chips and Drink. Please note: For a supplementary $2.50, you have the option to enhance the combo with large chips and drink.

KFC Secret Menu5

Zinger Stacker Twister

Diversity sets apart the twisters, and that’s why we’ve exclusively introduced the Zinger Stacker Twister to the KFC Secret Menu. Bursting with lettuce, chili relish, supercharged sauce, cheese, and a Zinger fillet, all ensconced within a uniquely twisted tortilla. The competition pales in comparison to this exceptional twister.

KFC Secret Menu6

Zinger Crunch Sliders

Indulge in 2 sliders of irresistible crunch. Featuring a Zinger fillet, corn chips, jalapeno mayo, and crispy slaw, all snugly wrapped in warm flatbreads. These delectable bites, packed with crunch and flavor, are too delightful to stay hidden!

KFC Secret Menu7

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