NEWS: 7-Eleven – launch their new Chilled Dessert range

7-Eleven launch their new Chilled Dessert range

Introducing 7-Eleven’s brand new Chilled Dessert range – the perfect treat for your sweet cravings, conveniently served in a cup, and ready to enjoy on-the-go. To mark the exciting launch, 7-Eleven is offering an exclusive deal to their app members. Indulge in any of the four delectable ready-to-go flavors, including Chocolate Mousse, Tiramisu, Mango & Passionfruit Cheesecake, and Strawberry Panna Cotta, all for just $2.50 until 29th May 2023. This fantastic offer provides both great value and ultimate convenience. Don’t miss out on this limited-time deal! Download the 7-Eleven app today and treat yourself to these delightful desserts.

Hurry and take advantage of this limited-time promotion from 7-Eleven before it ends. Satisfy your dessert cravings and experience the wonderful taste of their Chilled Dessert range while you still can.

About 7-Eleven

7-Eleven, a global convenience store giant, has become more than just a place to grab a quick snack. With its iconic green-and-red logo, 7-Eleven has woven itself into the fabric of modern life, offering a seamless experience of convenience, variety, and accessibility. Open 24/7, it stands as a reliable haven, catering to the needs of millions around the world, no matter the hour. From the early morning coffee runs to late-night cravings, 7-Eleven is there to serve, offering a diverse array of products, from refreshing beverages and delectable snacks to essential everyday items. It has evolved into a community hub, where friends gather, commuters stop, and travelers find a familiar oasis.

Beyond its convenience, 7-Eleven’s charm lies in its unique blend of local culture and global appeal, adapting its offerings to suit the tastes and preferences of each region it serves. As a pioneer of the convenience store concept, 7-Eleven’s enduring presence continues to shape the way we experience convenience and the moments that punctuate our daily lives.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The new Chilled Dessert range by 7-Eleven offers a delectable selection of ready-to-go desserts conveniently served in a cup, perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings on the move.

As a special offer to celebrate the launch, 7-Eleven app members can enjoy any dessert from the Chilled Dessert range for just $2.50 until 29th May 2023. Simply download the 7-Eleven app and present it at the checkout to redeem this exclusive deal.

Yes, the exclusive $2.50 offer is valid for any dessert from the Chilled Dessert range, allowing you to try your favorite flavor or explore all the tempting options at a great price.

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