NEWS: Boost Juice – x3 new flavours via Indigiearth

Boost Juice x3 new flavours via Indigiearth

Embrace the exciting collaboration of Boost x Indigiearth, celebrating Indigenous Australian flavors with pride. Together, we present three new and vibrant concoctions:

  1. Finger Lime – A delightful blend of finger lime, mango, tropical juice, mango yogurt, vanilla yogurt, and ice.
  2. Strawberry Gum – Savor the taste of strawberry gum, strawberries, apple juice, strawberry yogurt, sorbet, and ice.
  3. Davidson Plum – Experience the unique fusion of Davidson plum, pink dragon fruit, raspberries, mango nectar, strawberry yogurt, and ice.

Head to our stores and immerse yourself in these sensational flavors while admiring the incredible campaign artwork by Ryhia Dank of Nardurna See. Discover the essence of Indigenous Australian ingredients in each sip! For a complete view of the Boost Juice menu with prices, click here and embark on a flavorsome journey with us!

About Boost Juice

Boost Juice, a refreshing oasis for health-conscious and flavor-seeking enthusiasts, has become a beloved global sensation. With a commitment to providing nutritious and delicious beverages, Boost Juice has redefined the concept of fresh and wholesome drinks. Bursting with an array of vibrant fruits, vegetables, and superfood ingredients, each sip is an explosion of natural goodness. From the classic Green Smoothie to the invigorating Berry Crush, Boost Juice offers a diverse range of options to suit every taste and dietary preference. But it’s not just about the beverages; it’s the uplifting atmosphere and friendly service that make every visit a delightful experience. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of passion, Boost Juice continues to inspire people to embrace a healthier lifestyle, one mouthwatering blend at a time.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Indigiearth is a wholly-owned, Indigenous Australian business that celebrates and promotes Indigenous Australian flavors and ingredients. Their collaboration with Boost Juice brings a unique touch of Indigenous culture to the new flavours.

Yes, the three new Boost Juice x Indigiearth flavours are usually available for a limited time only. It’s best to check with your nearest Boost Juice store for the specific duration of their availability.

While Boost Juice generally introduces new flavours nationwide, availability may vary by location. To ensure you can try these exciting new concoctions, check with your local Boost Juice outlet.

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