NEWS: McDonald’s – Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus

McDonald’s – Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus

Introducing the Newest Addition to McDonald’s Winter Warmers Menu. Feeling the chill of the Aussie winter season? Warm up your taste buds with the all-new Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus burger from McDonald’s. Picture this: a juicy 100% Aussie Angus beef patty, topped with Aussie Jack cheese, crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and a mouthwatering combination of spicy sticky BBQ sauce and McChicken® sauce, all nestled on a gourmet bun.

Curious about the prices? Here’s the breakdown for the Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus burger:

  • Burger only: $10.60
  • Small Meal: $14.85
  • Medium Meal: $15.65
  • Large Meal: $16.50

Please note that, like most burgers in the McDonald’s range, it’s available after 10:30 AM. Looking to save money? Don’t miss out on our McDonald’s vouchers. And for a comprehensive view of the entire McDonald’s menu with prices, simply click here. Warm up and satisfy your cravings with the Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus burger, available for a limited time at McDonald’s.

About McDonald’s

Enter the vibrant world of McDonald’s, a global icon that has transcended generations and cultures. More than just a fast-food chain, McDonald’s has become a symbol of shared experiences, fostering moments of connection and joy. With a menu that caters to diverse palates and preferences, McDonald’s delights millions with its iconic Big Mac, crispy fries, and delicious desserts. Beyond the food, McDonald’s is a place where families gather, friends reunite, and communities come alive. It’s a testament to the power of creating fond memories, from childhood Happy Meals to late-night conversations over a cup of coffee.

With its unwavering commitment to quality, convenience, and innovation, McDonald’s continues to evolve, serving as a meeting point for people from all walks of life. Step into McDonald’s and experience the magic that lies in every smile, every bite, and every cherished moment.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

No, like most burgers in the McDonald’s range, the Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus is available after 10:30 AM. It is a part of the regular menu during the designated serving hours.

No, like most burgers in the McDonald’s range, the Spicy Sticky BBQ Angus is available for purchase after 10:30 AM.

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