Opera Bar Menu & Updated Prices in Australia 2023

Opera Bar, a renowned culinary destination nestled in the heart of the city, offers an exquisite dining experience that combines breathtaking views with an array of delectable dishes. As patrons step into this elegant establishment, they are greeted not only by the melodious strains of live music but also by a menu that caters to diverse palates. The Opera Bar menu prices reflect the commitment to providing an exceptional dining journey that tantalizes the taste buds while ensuring a delightful ambiance. Perched overlooking the iconic city opera house and glistening harbor, Opera Bar presents an unparalleled atmosphere that seamlessly blends sophistication with a relaxed vibe.

Opera Bar Menu Prices

As guests take their seats, they are instantly embraced by an atmosphere that pays homage to both the craft of culinary delights and the world of artistic expression. The menu, a genuine work of art, presents a harmonious blend of local tastes and global inspirations. From fresh seafood to artisanal cocktails, every offering is a testament to the culinary expertise that Opera Bar is renowned for. Opera Bar menu prices spans a wide spectrum of culinary delights, ensuring that there is something for everyone to savor. From mouthwatering seafood platters that pay homage to the nearby ocean’s bounty to carefully crafted vegetarian and vegan options, each dish is a symphony of flavors. The skilled chefs at Opera Bar employ their expertise to create dishes that not only satiate the palate but also ignite the senses. The use of locally sourced ingredients ensures that each dish is not only delectable but also showcases a commitment to sustainability and quality.

Opera Bar Menu Categories

Opera House Bar SnacksKitchen
The Opera Bar MainBar Kids
Sydney SeafoodLate Night

Opera Bar Menu Prices

Opera House Bar Snacks

Menu itemsPrice
Pumpkin – herb mayo – feta arancini$18
Hummus – gf, sweet potato crisps vgn$18
Chips – chicken salt$13
Sweet potato wedges – chipotle mayo$15
Salt & pepper calamari – lime aioli$20
Fried chicken – ranch – pickles – hot sauce$20
Bresaola – grissini – guindilla peppers$22
Burrata – house bread – eggplant tapenade$30
Cheese selection – accompaniments – 3 slices of Australian cheese$28
Opera Bar Opera House Bar Snacks Menu

The Opera Bar Main

Menu itemsPrice
Grilled cauliflower – almond romesco vgn- broad bean$28
Rigatoni – basi – peperonata – olives$28
Beer battered fish & chips – tartare$22
Pan seared salmon – capers – zucchini – eschalot$36
Roasted half chicken – lemon – jus – broccolini$34
Beef burger – chips – cheese- lettuce – pickle – onion- tomato$28
Riverina rump 300g – seeded mustard – green beans – mash$44

Sydney Seafood

Menu itemsPrice
Salmon crudo – lemon – caperberries – cucumber$24
Kingfish tataki – ponzu – wasabi – sesame$23
Sashimi plate – tuna – kingfish – 15 pcs – salmon$38
Pacific oysters – ½ doz – mignonette$36
Cold seafood platter – blue swimmer crab – salmon, tuna sashimi oysters & kingfish$86
Hot seafood platter – chips – scallops – beer battered fish$90
Opera Bar Sydney Seafood Menu


Menu itemsPrice
Passionfruit pavlova – coconut berries – vgn$14
Rich chocolate brownie – almond – salted caramel cream$14


Menu itemsPrice
Heriloom tomato – artichoke – bread crisp – olives vgn$26
Quinoa – pickled cabbage – frisée – za’atar – currants vgn,$24
Cos lettuce – beans – buttermilk – dill v, – sprouts$23
Add: half avocado 5 – hot smoked salmon – grilled chicken 9$12
Opera Bar Kitchen Menu

Bar Kids

Menu itemsPrice
Pizza | Mozzarella, Tomato$12
Crispy Chicken Tenders | Ketchup, Chips$12
Fish & Chips$12
Vanilla Ice-Cream$8

Late Night

Menu itemsPrice
Pumpkin – herb mayo – feta arancini$18
Hummus – gf, sweet potato crisps vgn$18
Chips – chicken salt$13
Sweet potato wedges – chipotle mayo$15
Salt & pepper calamari – lime aioli$20
Fried chicken – ranch – pickles – hot sauce$20
Bresaola – grissini – guindilla peppers$22
Burrata – house bread – eggplant tapenade$30
Cheese selection – accompaniments – 3 pieces of Australian cheese$28
Late Night Pizza
Cherry tomato – oregano – mozzarella$22
Late Night Food
Passionfruit pavlova – coconut berries – vgn$14
Rich chocolate brownie – almond – salted caramel cream$14
Opera Bar Late Night Menu

Location of Opera Bar

Video of Opera Bar

Opening & Closing Time

Wednesday11 am11 pm
Thursday11 am11 pm
Friday11 am12 am
Saturday11 am12 am
Sunday11 am10 pm
Monday11 am11 pm
Tuesday11 am11 pm


  • Fast service
  • Great cocktails
  • Live performances
  • Great bar food
  • Live music


  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet


  • Alcohol
  • Cocktails
  • Food
  • Happy-hour drinks
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Dancing
  • Food at bar
  • Spirits

Dining Options

  • Outside food allowed
  • Seating


  • Gender-neutral toilets
  • Wi-Fi
  • Toilets
  • Free Wi-Fi


  • Casual
  • Upmarket


  • Groups
  • Transgender safe space
  • LGBTQ+ friendly

Payments Methods

  • Credit cards
  • Mobile payments
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +61285875900

About Opera Bar

Situated in the bustling heart of the city, Opera Bar stands as an embodiment of culinary mastery intertwined with artistic creativity. With its prime position overlooking the iconic city opera house and the shimmering harbor, Opera Bar offers an unparalleled experience that marries breathtaking views with a symphony of flavors. Renowned for its carefully curated menu that spans local delicacies and international influences, Opera Bar creates a harmonious blend of gastronomy and ambiance. As a gathering place that pays homage to both culinary artistry and the arts, Opera Bar invites patrons to indulge in a sensory journey that celebrates the finer things in life. Whether one is seeking a memorable evening with loved ones or simply a moment of relaxation amidst the city’s bustling energy, Opera Bar’s distinctive charm and culinary offerings make it a destination like no other.

Best Selling item of Opera Bar

Among the array of exquisite offerings at Opera Bar, the standout best-selling item that consistently captures the hearts and palates of patrons is the “Harbor Seafood Platter.” This culinary masterpiece showcases the restaurant’s commitment to sourcing the freshest seafood from the nearby ocean and presenting it in an artful arrangement. The platter boasts an assortment of succulent oysters, perfectly cooked prawns, delicate crab claws, and other seasonal delights, all meticulously prepared by the skilled culinary team. The Harbor Seafood Platter not only tantalizes taste buds with its medley of flavors and textures but also offers a visual feast that mirrors the breathtaking view of the harbor just beyond. This signature dish encapsulates Opera Bar’s dedication to creating memorable dining experiences that harmonize culinary excellence with a touch of natural beauty.

Alternative of Opera Bar

For those seeking an alternative to Opera Bar’s exquisite dining experience, “Harmony Bistro” presents an enticing option. Nestled in a charming corner of the city, Harmony Bistro offers a diverse menu that blends international flavors with local ingredients. The bistro’s cozy ambiance and carefully curated dishes provide a unique culinary journey that resonates with both comfort and innovation. While distinct from Opera Bar, Harmony Bistro captures the essence of memorable dining, making it a delightful choice for those in search of a different yet equally enchanting gastronomic adventure. Some another alternatives Bib and Tucker Menu and Domino’s Menu you can also try them.

Career Opportunities at Opera Bar

At Opera Bar, a world of diverse career opportunities awaits individuals passionate about the culinary and hospitality industry. From skilled chefs crafting culinary wonders to attentive servers creating memorable dining experiences, Opera Bar offers a range of roles that contribute to its renowned excellence. Whether aspiring to become a part of the creative culinary team, the dynamic front-of-house staff, or the behind-the-scenes management, Opera Bar provides a platform for growth and learning. With a commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and promoting a collaborative work environment, Opera Bar not only serves as a hub of gastronomic delight but also as a place where individuals can shape rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Opera Bar’s menu prices are designed to reflect the premium quality of the offerings while maintaining accessibility. The pricing takes into consideration the culinary expertise, the sourcing of high-quality ingredients, and the overall dining experience.

Yes, Opera Bar offers a children’s menu with a selection of dishes tailored to younger palates.

Yes, Opera Bar periodically introduces seasonal menu changes to take advantage of fresh, in-season ingredients and to provide patrons with new and exciting culinary experiences.

Yes, Opera Bar offers options for private dining and exclusive events, allowing guests to enjoy a tailored experience in a dedicated space with a customized menu.

To stay informed about menu changes, promotions, and special events at Opera Bar, you can visit the official website, follow their social media accounts, or subscribe to their newsletter.

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