Ribs And Burgers Menu & Updated Prices in Australia 2023

Ribs and Burgers is a haven for burger enthusiasts. Ribs and Burgers menu boasts a diverse range of burger options, from classic beef and cheeseburgers to creative combinations like the Southern Hickory, featuring smoked beef brisket. Prices for their burgers typically start around $10 and can go up to $20 or more for the premium choices. True to its name, Ribs and Burgers Menu excels in serving up delectable ribs and steaks. Whether you prefer succulent pork ribs, tender beef ribs, or a juicy steak, their menu has you covered.

Ribs And Burgers Menu Prices
RestaurantRibs And Burgers
Timing11:30 AM to 9 PM
Location7/855 Stanley St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia
Delivery Number+61731673488
Food Categories14

Prices for these hearty meat dishes often range from $20 to $30, depending on the size and type of meat. To complement your meal, Ribs and Burgers offers a variety of sides and salads. Popular choices include crispy onion rings, sweet potato fries, and fresh garden salads. These side dishes are usually priced between $4 and $8.

Ribs And Burgers Menu Categories

Ultimate Rib MealsMeatless Burgers
Slow Cooked RibsChicken Wings & Tenders
Knife & ForkLittle Butcher
Bowls & WrapsSalads & Sides
Tasty BurgersDipping Sauces
Premium Wagyu BurgersThickshakes
Chicken & Lamb BurgersBeverages

Ribs And Burgers Menu Prices

Ultimate Rib Meals

Menu itemsPrices
King Rib FeastA$64.5
Wings FeastA$64.9
Burger FeastA$64.9
Juicy FeastA$84.9
Lamb FeastA$64.5

Slow Cooked Ribs

Menu itemsPrices
Beef Ribs RegularA$39.9
Beef Ribs LargeA$59.9
Premium Pork Baby Back RibA$49.9
Half Pork Spare RibA$39.9
Pork King Rib LargeA$59.9
Pork King Rib RegularA$45.9
Ribs And Burgers Slow Cooked Ribs Menu

Knife & Fork

Menu itemsPrices
Double Lemon & Herb ChickenA$26.9
Double Peri ChickenA$26.9
Double Chilli ChickenA$26.9
Grass Fed SirloinA$34.9

Bowls & Wraps

Menu itemsPrices
Chicken & Mayo WrapA$14.9
Chicken & Peri WrapA$14.9
Chilli Chicken WrapA$14.9
Lamb Shoulder WrapA$18.9
Halloumi WrapA$14.9
Chicken BowlA$18.9
Fable Mushroom BowlA$18.9
Lamb Shoulder BowlA$21.9
Halloumi BowlA$18.9

Tasty Burgers

Menu itemsPrices
Old School CheeseA$15.9
Double Old School CheeseA$19.9
Butchers OriginalA$15.9
Double Butchers OriginalA$19.9
Bacon & CheeseA$19.9
Double Bacon & CheeseA$22.9
Double LoadedA$21.9

Premium Wagyu Burgers

Menu itemsPrices
Wagyu Cheese & Caramelised OnionA$22.9
Big Cheese & BaconA$23.9
Wagyu RoyaleA$21.9
Ribs And Burgers Premium Wagyu Burgers Menu

Chicken & Lamb Burgers

Menu itemsPrices
Flamed Lemon & Herb ChickenA$16.9
Flamed Peri ChickenA$16.9
Southern ChickenA$18.9
Flamed Chilli Chicken BurgerA$16.9
Crispy Chicken BurgerA$17.9

Meatless Burgers

Menu itemsPrices
Beyond Old School CheeseA$19.9
Vegan BeyondA$19.9
Fable MushroomA$18.9
Vegan Fable MushroomA$18.9

Chicken Wings & Tenders

Menu itemsPrices
Golden TendersA$17.9
BBQ Chicken WingsA$17.9
Peri Chicken WingsA$17.9

Little Butcher

Menu itemsPrices
Beef Burger with ChipsA$18.9
Chicken Burger With ChipsA$18.9
Kids Golden Tenders With ChipsA$15.9
Pork Riblet With ChipsA$17.9
Ribs And Burgers Little Butcher Menu

Salads & Sides

Menu itemsPrices
Cabbage SaladA$9.9
Grain SaladA$9.9
Tabbouleh SaladA$9.9
Sweet Potato FriesA$9.9
Famous Chips RegularA$8.9
Loaded Cheesy ChipsA$12.9

Dipping Sauces

Menu itemsPrices
Cheese SauceA$2.5
Peri PeriA$2.5
Vegan AioliA$2.5
African ChilliA$2.5
Vegan PinkA$2.5
Peri MayoA$2.5
R&B Special SauceA$2.5


Menu itemsPrices


Menu itemsPrices
Coke No SugarA$4.9
San Pellegrino SparklingA$4.5
Acqua PannaA$4.5
Lemon, Lime and BitterA$5.5
Ginger BeerA$5.5
Apple JuiceA$4.9
Deep Spring – Orange & PassionfruitA$5.5
Deep Spring – CitrusA$5.5
Ribs And Burgers Beverages Menu

Location of Ribs And Burgers

Video of Ribs And Burgers

Opening & Closing Time

Monday11:30 AM9 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM9 PM
Wednesday11:30 AM9 PM
Thursday11:30 AM9 PM
Friday11:30 AM9 PM
Saturday11 AM9:30 PM
Sunday11 AM9:30 PM

Service Options

  • Outdoor seating
  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
  • No-contact delivery
  • Takeout


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible seating


  • Alcohol
  • Late-night food
  • Vegetarian options
  • Beer
  • Salad bar
  • Wine

Dining Options

  • Lunch
  • Counter service
  • Seating
  • Dinner
  • Dessert


  • Bar onsite
  • Wi-Fi
  • Restroom
  • Free Wi-Fi

Payments Methods

  • Credit cards
  • NFC mobile payments
  • Debit cards

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +61731673488

About Ribs And Burgers

Ribs and Burgers is a well-regarded restaurant chain that has garnered a devoted following for its mouthwatering offerings. As the name suggests, it specializes in two American culinary staples—ribs and burgers. Ribs and Burgers prides itself on serving up high-quality, succulent meats, prepared with a commitment to taste and authenticity.

Their menu features an array of burger creations, from classic to inventive, and a selection of ribs and steaks that are slow-cooked to perfection. With a focus on simple yet bold flavors, Ribs and Burgers has become a go-to destination for those seeking a hearty and satisfying dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of meaty indulgence or a burger connoisseur, Ribs and Burgers offers a delectable journey through the heart of American comfort food.

Best Selling item of Ribs And Burgers

The best-selling item at Ribs and Burgers is undoubtedly their signature “Original Burger.” This classic burger embodies the essence of what Ribs and Burgers is all about—simple, hearty, and delicious. The Original Burger features a juicy beef patty cooked to perfection, complemented by fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, and the restaurant’s special house-made sauce. Tucked into a soft, toasted bun, it’s a flavor-packed experience that satisfies the cravings of burger enthusiasts. The combination of high-quality ingredients and a commitment to delivering a top-notch burger experience has made the Original Burger a standout favorite among patrons, establishing it as the go-to choice for those seeking the quintessential burger indulgence at Ribs and Burgers.

Alternative of Ribs And Burgers

For those looking for an alternative to Ribs and Burgers, the world of dining offers a variety of options. Many restaurants and eateries specialize in burgers, each with its unique twist and flavor profiles. Fast-food chains, gourmet burger joints, and local diners often provide alternatives for burger aficionados. If you’re more interested in ribs and steaks, you can explore local barbecue restaurants or steakhouses renowned for their grilled and smoked meats.

Additionally, for those seeking a broader range of menu options, American-themed diners and pubs can offer a selection of comfort food, including burgers, ribs, and other classics. Exploring these alternatives including Miss Kays Menu and Montezumas Menu allows diners to find their preferred taste and ambiance within the diverse landscape of American and burger cuisine.

Career Opportunities at Ribs And Burgers

Ribs and Burgers offers an array of exciting career opportunities in the culinary and hospitality industry. Whether you’re a passionate chef, a dedicated server, or an aspiring manager, Ribs and Burgers provides a platform for growth and development. The restaurant’s commitment to quality extends to its employees, with training programs that help individuals hone their skills and foster a deep understanding of the culinary craft.

With a focus on customer service and teamwork, Ribs and Burgers provides a dynamic and supportive work environment. The company also encourages internal promotions, making it possible for employees to advance their careers within the organization. If you’re looking to be part of a team dedicated to delivering high-quality, satisfying meals to customers, Ribs and Burgers offers a range of career paths and opportunities to grow in the culinary and hospitality industry.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Ribs and Burgers offers a diverse range of burger options, including classic beef burgers, specialty creations like the Southern Hickory, and vegetarian alternatives.

Ribs and Burgers may run seasonal or limited-time promotions, so it’s a good idea to inquire about any ongoing deals or specials when you visit.

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