Wokinabox Menu & Updated Prices in Australia 2023

Wokinabox, the well-known Asian fast-food chain, has been delighting food enthusiasts for years with its delectable range of dishes, earning a special place in their hearts and on their palates. While the flavors and quality of their food are undoubtedly impressive, one aspect that often pleasantly surprises customers is Wokinabox menu prices. Wokinabox offers a delectable journey through Asian cuisine without breaking the bank, making it a favorite among budget-conscious diners. Wokinabox menu boasts a wide variety of options, ranging from classic Chinese dishes like General Tso’s Chicken to Japanese favorites such as Teriyaki Salmon and Thai-inspired Pad Thai noodles.

Wokinabox Menu Prices
Timing11 AM to 8 PM
Location393 Warton Rd, Canning Vale WA 6155, Australia
Delivery Number+61862538850
Food Categories9

What stands out most about Wokinabox menu is its affordability. For as little as $10, both individuals and families can relish a fulfilling meal with ample portions, making it an enticing choice. For those looking for even better deals, Wokinabox offers value combos and meal deals that are an incredible steal. These combos often include a main dish, a side, and a drink, providing a full, hearty meal at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay at other restaurants. This approach makes it easy to enjoy a balanced meal without worrying about the bill.

Wokinabox Menu Categories

Spicy Malaysian SataySoups
Value MealsVegan & Vegetarian

Wokinabox Menu Prices

Spicy Malaysian Satay

Menu itemsPrices
Spicy Satay Chicken Skewers (2pc)A$7.95
Spicy Satay Chicken Skewers On Egg Fried RiceA$12.95
Spicy Malaysian Satay NoodlesA$9.5

Value Meals

Menu itemsPrices
Meal for OneA$24.95
Feast for OneA$29.95
Bento Or Soup MealA$23.95
Meal for TwoA$47.95
Feast for TwoA$57.95
Small Family MealA$64.95
Medium Family MealA$74.95
Large Family MealA$84.95
Wokinabox Value Meals Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Hot & SpicyA$13.5
Honey SoyA$12.95
Black BeanA$12.95
Garlic PrawnsA$13.95
Pad ThaiA$13.95
Kway TeowA$12.95
Mee GorengA$12.95


Menu itemsPrices
Special Fried RiceA$13.95
Nasi GorengA$12.95
Crispy Asian ChickenA$13.95
Sweet and SourA$13.95
Thai Green CurryA$19.95
Wokinabox Rice Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Bento Katsu ChickenA$15.95
Bento Teriyaki ChickenA$14.95


Menu itemsPrices
Combination Noodle SoupA$17.95
Chicken Laksa SoupA$17.95
Seafood Laksa SoupA$17.95
Wokinabox Soups Menu

Vegan & Vegetarian

Menu itemsPrices


Menu itemsPrices
Vegetable Spring Rolls (2pc)A$4.95
Vegetable Spring Rolls (4pc)A$7.95
Chicken Dim SimsA$8.95
Chicken Dim Sims (4pc)A$7.95
Crunchy Pork WontonsA$8.95
Panko PrawnsA$7.95
Pork Gyoza DumplingsA$8.95
Salt & Pepper Squid (10pc)A$9.95
Fortune Cookies (4pcs)A$4.45
Prawn CrackersA$3.5
Steamed RiceA$5.5
Fried Yum Cha BoxA$5.95
Wokinabox Sides Menu


Menu itemsPrices
Soft Drink 300mLA$4.5
Soft Drink 600mLA$5.5
Zero Sugar Soft Drink 600mLA$5.5
Soft Drink 1.25LA$6.5
Red Bull 250mLA$6
Lipton Iced Tea 500mLA$4.5
Cool Ridge Water 600mLA$4.4
Spring Valley Juice 300mLA$4.5
Kids Pop TopsA$4.5

Location of Wokinabox

Video of Wokinabox

Opening & Closing Time

Monday11 AM8 PM
Tuesday11 AM8 PM
Wednesday11 AM8 PM
Thursday11 AM8 PM
Friday11 AM8 PM
Saturday11 AM8 PM
Sunday11 AM8 PM

Service Options

  • No-contact delivery
  • Takeout
  • Delivery
  • Dine-in


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

Dining Options

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Payments Methods

  • Credit cards
  • NFC mobile payments

Contact Details

  • Contact Number: +61862538850

About Wokinabox

Wokinabox is a long-standing and cherished fast-food chain, captivating taste buds with its delightful Asian cuisine from the very beginning. Founded with a vision to make authentic Asian flavors accessible to all, Wokinabox has grown into a household name for food enthusiasts. With a diverse menu that spans across various Asian culinary traditions, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and more, Wokinabox offers a unique dining experience that combines convenience with quality.

With their dedication to utilizing fresh ingredients and offering wallet-friendly prices, Wokinabox becomes the preferred choice for those in search of a delectable and cost-effective Asian culinary experience. With locations in numerous cities, it continues to win the hearts of food lovers, one mouthwatering dish at a time.

Best Selling item of Wokinabox

At Wokinabox, the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl reigns as the undisputed best-selling item on their menu. This mouthwatering creation combines tender, succulent pieces of chicken with a rich and savory teriyaki sauce, served over a generous portion of steamed rice. The combination of sweet and savory flavors in this dish has captured the hearts and taste buds of countless customers. The Chicken Teriyaki Bowl embodies the essence of Asian comfort food, offering a delightful harmony of taste, texture, and affordability.

Its popularity is a testament to Wokinabox’s ability to deliver a perfect blend of quality ingredients and delicious flavors, making it the go-to choice for both regulars and newcomers seeking an unforgettable Asian dining experience.

Alternative of Wokinabox

For those seeking an alternative to Wokinabox, there’s a thriving world of Asian fusion cuisine waiting to be explored. Numerous Asian fast-food and casual dining establishments offer unique and diverse menus inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Asia. Some of the popular alternatives include Panda Express, with its American-Chinese dishes, and Teriyaki Madness, specializing in Japanese-style teriyaki bowls. Additionally, Thai Express and Pei Wei offer a wide range of Thai and Asian-inspired dishes. E

ach of these alternatives including Tommy Ruff Menu and Una’s Menu provides its own twist on Asian flavors, giving customers the opportunity to savor a variety of culinary experiences beyond Wokinabox. Whether you’re craving Chinese, Japanese, Thai, or another Asian cuisine, these alternatives ensure you have a plethora of options to satisfy your taste preferences.

Career Opportunities at Wokinabox

Wokinabox not only satisfies appetites but also serves as a gateway to a world of career opportunities. The company prides itself on fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment where individuals can flourish and grow. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast looking to hone your skills in the kitchen, a customer service pro eager to provide exceptional service, or a management aspirant seeking to lead and inspire a team, Wokinabox offers a range of roles to suit your career aspirations.

With training, professional development, and a commitment to promoting from within, Wokinabox provides a delectable recipe for career success. Joining the Wokinabox team means embarking on a journey where you not only create and serve flavorful dishes but also cultivate a promising career in the vibrant world of Asian cuisine.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Wokinabox specializes in Asian fusion cuisine, offering a diverse range of dishes inspired by Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and other Asian culinary traditions.

Wokinabox is known for its generous portion sizes, providing a satisfying and filling meal for most appetites.

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